Most manufacturers recommend servicing an automatic transmission every twenty-five thousand miles. We do this by removing the transmission pan and replacing the filter, gasket and fluid. This procedure allows the technician to see if your transmission has any wear and tear. However, there are some foreign & domestic cars that you can not replace the filter. (Contact us to find out which one you have) If you have a Standard Transmission, it is also recommended that you have the fluid changed every thirty thousand miles. When you own a four wheel drive vehicle, it is recommended that you service the Transfer Case every twenty-five thousand miles. The rear differential should be checked at twenty-five thousand and serviced at fifty thousand.

Regular maintenance is half the battle in prolonging the life of your vehicle.
  • Transmission- Services, Rebuilds, Gears
  • Axles- Bearings, Hubs, Brakes
  • Differential Service, Rebuilds
  • Transfer Cases - Rebuilds, Services
  • Engine - Oil Service, Belts, Minor Maintenance, EEMS, TCM's Sensors, Switches

We use the Latest Technology Equipment Software.


When you experience transmission problems, don't wait until the problem gets bad. Have it checked immediately. A lot of transmission problems start out to be a minor repair. When you wait, the more you are at risk, for a major repair and a major bill.

  • Leaking-there will be red fluid on the ground.
  • A roaring or grinding noise
  • Erratic shifts Jerking or vibration
  • Check engine light on
  • Car cuts off when coming to a stop.
This is just a few problems that may arise when you are having problems with your transmission. We offer free diagnostics. We use the latest technology when diagnosing electronic transmissions.


Wayne's Towing
142 Gordon Road
Wilmington NC 28401

Wayne's Towing has been in business, here in Wilmington originating since 1987. They are a preferred service provider for AAA. Fully insured and radio dispatched. They have nine trucks for your convenience. Wayne's has been towing for Econo Transmission since 1995. We offer free towing in the Wilmington area, on major repairs. Out of the New Hanover County area, we will be happy to cover a portion. www.waynestowingandservice.com

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