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Leading Transmission Service in Wilmington, NC

Performing thorough maintenance on a regular basis can prevent your transmission from developing problems and keep your car running better and longer. Turn to our experts for top-notch transmission service and repair in Wilmington, NC.

The general recommendation for automatic transmissions is to get service every 50,000 miles. During a typical service, we remove the transmission pan and replace the filter, gasket and fluid.

Transmission Maintenance

Transmission Repair in Wilmington, NC

When your transmission is in trouble, you want only the most qualified experts to help you. A transmission is built using hundreds of components. A typical repair means using a variety of diagnostics to determine which component or component combination is causing the issue.

Disassembling the transmission, replacing or repairing the necessary parts, testing and reassembling everything is an intricate process.

In addition, there are many different types of transmission models in use. Experienced technicians know that proper repair begins with determining which one they are dealing with.

We Work with Wide Range of Transmission Models

To get results you can rely on for your transmission repair in Wilmington, NC, you need experienced, highly qualified professionals. At Econo Transmission, our expert are proficient in working with a wide range of transmission models and in utilizing cutting-edge technology to get the best results.

Our transmission professionals possess in-depth knowledge of the best service approach for various types of vehicles. You can expect individual attention and a customized solution that works best for your car.

Let us help you with your transmission needs. Call you at (910) 762-7273 or use our contact form to see about scheduling an appointment.

Services Offered

  • 40 plus years experience
  • Local municipalities fleet service since 1995
  • Most Foreign and Domestics
  • Standard and Automatic Transmissions
  • Diagnose transmission problems
  • Transfer Cases, Differentials, Clutches
  • Axles, Driveshaft Rep
  • Specialized in Electronic Transmissions
  • Large Inventory of parts In House
  • Free towing on major repairs in NHC
  • Discounted rate for Fleet accounts
  • Extended warranties honored here
  • 12 months, 12,000 mile warranty
  • Our Transmission Rebuild Specialists attend training seminars yearly, allowing us to evolve with electronic transmissions.
  • ATSG MEMBER-http://www.atsgmiami.com/
  • TRANSMISSION REBUILDERS-http://www.transbuilder.com

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