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Transmission Diagnostics Services in Wilmington NC

Effective transmission repairs begin with performing proper diagnostics. Because so many transmissions today are computerized, a problem may arise because a transmission component needs replacing or repair, or there could be a digital issue.

transmission repairs

The sooner you bring in your car after noticing a problem, the better the chances of any necessary repairs being relatively minor. On the other hand, letting a problem continue often leads to its worsening and potentially affecting other vital parts of your car such as the engine. We recommend you let us know as soon as possible if you notice any of the following:

  • Engine cutting off when the car stops
  • Jerking or vibrations when shifting
  • Red fluid leaking onto the ground
  • “Check engine” light turning on
  • Roaring or grinding noises while you drive

Let us help determine the cause for your transmission issues. Contact us at (910) 762-7273 or fill out the form on on your contact us page to see about setting up an appointment.

Services Offered

  • 40 plus years experience
  • Local municipalities fleet service since 1995
  • Most Foreign and Domestics
  • Standard and Automatic Transmissions
  • Diagnose transmission problems
  • Transfer Cases, Differentials, Clutches
  • Axles, Driveshaft Rep
  • Specialized in Electronic Transmissions
  • Large Inventory of parts In House
  • Free towing on major repairs in NHC
  • Discounted rate for Fleet accounts
  • Extended warranties honored here
  • 12 months, 12,000 mile warranty
  • Our Transmission Rebuild Specialists attend training seminars yearly, allowing us to evolve with electronic transmissions.
  • ATSG MEMBER-http://www.atsgmiami.com/
  • TRANSMISSION REBUILDERS-http://www.transbuilder.com

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  • Econo Transmission
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    Wilmington, N.C. 28401
  • Office: (910) 762-7273
    Fax: (910) 762-7240
  • info@econotransmission.com